Ever since

The Kesslerstadel still shows it's original rock walls and wooden beams from the 16th century and originally was used as very typical local farmhouse including a tiny gasthouse which still stands too at the Kirchplatz. 1891 my greatparents bought the, back then already historical, estate and so it was passed on to the next generations. Some wars past and hard times were managed and so my parents decided in the 80s to offer the farm house exclusively to the Austrian Alpine Club which then invented a very special gathering and melting pot for cultural events and alpinism. 



The main spirit behind Kesslerstadel, melting pot, is now our gear to invent and revive new rooms and space in the area around Kesslerstadel. Although tough times also came with it, offering space to people in order to spend time TOGETHER is a great honour and gift and so we hope to pass on the original spirit also to you.